Ladies, Get Ready To Look Great.

Lose Weight While Tightening and Toning Your Body With Our Revolutionary Six-Week Program!

Ladies, if you want to lose weight without “dieting”… if you want to get tight and toned without worrying about looking “bulky” or “manly”… this program is perfect for you.

Designed just for women, our Long and Lean Program contains a unique workout routine designed to create a long and lean feminine physique and a supporting six-week meal planner that will ensure you have the right fuel to power your body transformation.

In other words, this one-of-a-kind program has everything you need to get a lean, yet curvy feminine body!

You’ll turn heads… you’ll fit into smaller sizes… you’ll have more confidence in that swimsuit, those shorts or that dress… you’ll have more energy … and your health will improve.

Everything is laid out in easy-to-follow instructions in our Long and Lean eBook. Just follow the steps and watch your body transform right before your eyes. With this program, you’ll:

  • Lose fat
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Tone your arms, legs, back and butt
  • Improve your health
  • Boost your energy
  • Start feeling better than you have in years

A word from Andre Thomas:

“Unfortunately women interested in fitness are bombarded with a lot of misinformation regarding how to create a lean, yet curvy physique. Perhaps you’ve been told that weights will make you look bulky or that the only way to be lean is to go on some crazy diet. Well it just doesn’t have to be that way! I’ll show you how through my Long and Lean Program you can drop body fat, tone muscles and actually enjoy delicious food along the way”
Andre Thomas

Ready to Lose Weight and Get in Shape?

If so, there is one option that stands above all the others…

One option that will allow you to accomplish your goals faster than you probably dared hope possible…

One option that will increase your chances of not just losing weight but also keeping the weight off and experiencing a body transformation that lasts for the rest of your life…

That option is the Long and Lean Program. On the pages of this ground-breaking book you will learn exactly what to do and what not to do in order to lose weight and get toned. You’ll discover:

  • How to carve six-pack abs
  • How to round and lift your bottom naturally
  • How to sculpt your shoulders and upper arms
  • How to get shapely legs
  • And much more

You know, there are many reasons why most women who start exercising typically stop a short time later:

Many don’t get the results they hoped for because they bounce from machine to machine with no clear plan or struggle through a few classes that feature exercise routines that they don’t know how to perform properly.

Others can’t stay motivated, it’s hard to get out of bed each morning and go to the gym or go after work when you are feeling tired.

Plus, the human body is a wondrous thing, when we start doing the same exercises each day our body quickly adapts to the new routine and our fitness gains stop.

The Long and Lean Program solves these common problems and ensures you perform the exercises you need to look and feel your best. Plus, the meal planner will ensure you are eating the right foods. You won’t even feel like you are dieting!  You’ll be amazed at the delicious foods you are allowed to eat.

Let Us Show You How to Tap into the Female Training Advantage:
  • Women are more naturally suited for endurance training than men – that means you should be using slower reps!
  • Women have more slow-twitch muscle fibers than men – that means you will benefit from higher rep ranges!
  • Women are more efficient at delivering nutrients to muscles than men – that means you can train at a high intensity more frequently than men!
  • Thanks to estrogen, women are also able to handle a greater volume of exercise than men without suffering fatigue or overtraining!

With this Program, Losing Weight and Getting in Shape is easy as 1, 2, 3


Perform the Exercises

We’ve included easy-to-follow instructions and numerous high-quality photographs to ensure you know how to perform each one.


Follow the Meal Planner

Meals have been carefully planned by a nutrition expert to provide you with an ideal balance of nutrients to promote weight loss and muscle gain. Plus, the meals are all easy to make and taste delicious. You won’t even feel like you are on a diet – no starving yourself, no bland diet foods!


Take the Right Supplements

We’ve also included a list of recommended supplements that you can take to enhance recovery and supercharge your results. Supplements can be a great way to keep your hormones balanced and your body functionally optimally while you exercise regularly.

Look at All This Program Includes:


  • Training routine designed especially for women
  • Exercises that transform your body and enhance your feminine curves
  • Special pre-conditioning phase for those who haven’t exercised before
  • Expert exercise tips to accelerate fat loss and muscle gain
  • Additional cardio workouts to burn fat on rest days
  • Descriptions and photos for each exercise
  • And more


  • Carefully designed meals to burn fat and boost energy
  • Recommended foods taste delicious and are nutrient dense
  • Meals are all quick and easy to make
  • Shopping list helps ensure smart grocery buying
  • Control caloric intake without feeling like you are starving yourself
  • Get supplement recommendations
  • And more

In Addition

  • Discover how to minimize stress
  • Learn the secrets to sleeping better
  • And much more
Get That Much-Desired Lean, Yet Curvy Look… With This Powerful Six-Week Program!