Transform Your Body with Macros

Transform Your Body with Macros

All the rage these days seems to be centered around cutting complete food groups out of your diet to achieve success with body transformation. You hear keto this and Paleo that, so you become programmed to believe the hype yourself.  But, there is a completely different world out there called common sense. THAT is the real and true diet for you, and the only would you should follow. And get this, it involves the dreaded “C” word! Yes… carbs.

Common Sense Diet

First and foremost, you need to know what macronutrients are and what they do for the body. They consist of protein, carbs and fat. Protein is used for rebuilding every cell, it helps boost immunity and it’s important for muscle regeneration.  Carbohydrates, or carbs, are used for immediate energy or are stored in the liver and muscles for energy down the road. Carbohydrate foods are also where you find fiber and a bouquet of vitamins and minerals.  Fats are arguably the most important of the three macros. They help your body produce hormones, they help with brain function and they too give you energy.

Sadly, fats were once looked upon as the devil and were severely reduced in a lot of people’s diets across the world.  It’s interesting how that was the time when the obesity epidemic started to soar. Do you think just maybe there is a correlation?

The Theory

The religious followers of the low-carb diet plans, like keto and Paleo, firmly believe that depriving yourself of carbs will do magical things like promote faster weight loss, improve brain function, build lean muscle mass and increase energy. Some of this may be true, but there’s one big problem.  This type of dietary approach is not sustainable. Simply put, you might be able to get away with it for a month or two, but eventually mother nature will balance back out and you’re going to want to eat carbs again. Then you run the risk of falling completely off the wagon and being sent down a slippery slope that you may not be able to climb back up.

The Truth

If you go back to the common-sense diet, your body was designed to break foods down with various enzymes. Protease, for example, is designed to break down proteins. Lactose breaks down lactose from dairy products, lipase breaks down fat and amylases break down carbs.  Hello? As long as you have these enzymes, and they’re in good working order, why would you even want to eliminate food groups? Deprivation is not fun. It’s a lot MORE fun to follow a healthy diet and eat everything that god provided for you. And not to mention, easier!

The Sources

Just in case you are completely new to nutrition, proteins consist of anything related to an animal. This includes beef, chicken, bison, turkey, pork, eggs, dairy and fish.  Carbs consist of fruits, starchy vegetables, beans, whole grains and whole grain derivatives. But they also consist of cakes, cookies, pastries, sweet drinks, alcohol and white bread. The latter half are the carbs you want to stay away from as they can have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels and they lack nutrients.  Fats consist of nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, oils and nut butters.

Balance Makes Perfect

The way to use macros to your advantage is by thinking in terms of balance. Every meal you eat should have a portion of protein, carbs and fat. Obviously, you want to choose healthy versions of these. A good example of a meal would be baked salmon with steamed brussels sprouts and a baked yam.  You have a good source of protein and healthy fat from the salmon, you have complex carbs and fiber from the yam, and you have even more fiber from the brussels sprouts, plus a high amount of vitamin C to boot! It’s hard to get any healthier than this. Your body will put this food to good use.


When it comes specifically to transformations, you need protein for muscle repair, you need carbs for energy and you need fat to make sure your hormones are hitting on all cylinders. Boom! You follow this plan and choose healthy foods at all times, and you can say hello to your new body in no time!

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