A Kettlebell Complex for a Bikini Booty

A Kettlebell Complex for a Bikini Booty

First of all, you’re probably wondering two things.

A) what is a kettlebell complex? And B) how do you do one?

Well today is your lucky day because both of those questions are about to be answered. Just remember, the “T” in “often” is silent and always focus on 90% quality or better when you work out. OK, cool. Let’s roll! Complexes  In the wonderful world of kettlebell training, you have explosive exercises, often referred to as ballistics, and you have slow and controlled exercises, known as grinds. The catalog of exercises you can pull from is very thick and deep. All of these drills can be done by themselves, just like anything else you’d do in the gym. But here’s where the fun kicks in.  You can blend two or more exercises together to make these amazing, gorgeous, sexy movement patterns that have a whopping synergistic effect. For example, you can pair two or three grinds together, two or three ballistics together or mix and match. It’s sort of like a Chinese buffet where you can choose multiple foods to eat.

The only difference is, complexes won’t clog your arteries. They’ll actually allow blood to flow from your ticker with grace and ease. Kettlebells in general recruit a high amount of muscle fiber, but complexes take this to the 10th exponent. And that’s why kettlebells are so good at building lean muscle mass and emulsifying fat like its being zapped with a ray gun from Captain Kirk. Goblet Squat/Reverse Lunge  Well, the first question has been answered. Now it’s time to answer the second. The exercise that’s going to help you fill out the posterior side of your bikini is called a goblet squat/reverse lunge. A lot of people wrongly call the first part of this a “goblin” squat, and that’s cool. They just don’t know any better. You’re not going to do though because you’re reading this article and know better.

To start, place a kettlebell on the floor and straddle it with the handle even with your ankles. Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other. Squat down and grab the handle with your hands side by side.  In a smooth, quick motion, stand up and pull the kettlebell straight up off the floor. Act as if it is a pail of water. Quickly shift your hands so your fingers are wrapped around the sides. You also have the option of resting your index fingers over the top of the handle. For some, this feels more comfortable.  Press the bell tight to your upper chest and move your arms in by your sides. You’re now ready to begin the exercise.  Move your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width and turn your toes out about 15 degrees. Look up at a 45-degree angle and lower yourself down by bending your knees.

Stop when one of two things happen. Either you are able to get your elbows inside your knees or your thighs are parallel to the floor.  Stand back up until your legs are fully extended and move your feet together. Perform a reverse lunge with your right leg and then left leg. Widen your stance back to the starting position and repeat the entire exercise.

Tips to Take Into Consideration

Keep your back perfectly straight throughout the entire complex. And you never want to round your shoulders. This is why looking up at an angle is important. If you look down, you’ll have a tendency to lean down and place excess stress on your lower back. Don’t let that happen!  Always start out with a lighter weight and work your way up too. Life is a long journey. You’ll have plenty of time to increase your poundage.


Throw this exercise in at the end of a leg workout and you’ll put a big exclamation point on your heiny. Since it’s a complex, you don’t have to do a ton of reps. A good protocol would be 5 sets of 5 with strict form. Always go slow and controlled, and always think positive.

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